Why I Started A Vaping Company in Australia?

Why I Started A Vaping Company in Australia?

People often ask me why you start of vaping company in Australia,  is it’s not illegal?

It is a fair question because Yes, selling nicotine and Vapes is illegal in Australia. 

Should that be a good enough reason to not try and give people in Australia access to this smoking cessation tool?

I mean is anyone government always right even when they’re wrong?

I have lived in Australia for 6 years and this Thursday I will receive my citizenship certificate.  so I am very much committed to Australia and have been for quite a long time. 

When I first moved to Australia I had successfully quit smoking cigarettes and started vaping.  I was totally surprised that it was almost impossible to get nicotine vape juice in Australia.  So for a short while I did start smoking cigarettes again. 

 this was at a time when I was backpacking travelling and generally having a good time.  so if I had to smokes cigarettes that’s what I did.  after a while I settled into a job and try to clean up my lifestyle.  it was then I started to think about giving up cigarette smoking again. 

 so I went to my local tobacconist and asked him if he knew how I could get nicotine vape juice.  interestingly he was able to give me nicotine vape juice ‘’under the counter’’.

 it didn’t exactly fill me with confidence that he had asked what  nicotine strength I wanted and then proceeded to squirting the required nicotine base to the vape juice. 

 I actually laughed as he did it but I was also quite happy that I was able to access nicotine vape juice.  so I continue to purchase nicotine vape juice from this guy for about 3 months.  he was always asking me not to tell people as he might get in trouble.  this really frustrated me because if he was not giving me the nicotine vape juice then I would have had to purchase cigarettes .

 Surely the Australian government would rather I was vaping nicotine juice then buying cigarettes? 

I guess because I have been living in Ireland where vaping is promoted and governments have very much decided that it is a safer and healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. 

Later I realised that it was possible to import a 3-month supply of nicotine juice from an overseas vendor.  this meant that I didn’t have to go to Muhammad to get my juice but rather I could ordering online from reputable brands in the UK and USA

I figured if  companies can export vape juice into Australia to use those that wish to import it then why can’t I do something similar. 

So I said about creating a website and designing products specifically for the Australian market and designed to help smokers quit for good just as I had.  I designed the range of juices to be easy to understand great quality and now cause ‘’vaping newbies’’ to suffer from ‘’Overchoice’’.

What is ‘’Overchoice’’?

You know when you walk into a bottle shop to buy a bottle of wine.  you go to the red wine section and see hundreds of different labels glaring back at you.  how on earth are you to choose the right bottle of wine?

Sometimes when there’s happened I say maybe I’ll just take some beer/

 when this happens I have suffered from overchoice –  when there’s too much choice available sometimes we revert back to  what we are most familiar with.

 the same is true with vaping and cigarettes.   if you are new to vaping and you log onto a website to find hundreds or even thousands of different variations of flavours, nicotine levels, bottle sizes.  it can be totally overwhelming and cause you to give up on the idea.

  I felt that this was the case with baby as I had experienced at myself.  I purchased so many vaping devices that we’re not what I was expecting or I did not enjoy using.  if I had to put a dollar amount on it would certainly be in the thousands of dollars. :/

 so I said I was to create a range of products that would make the choice simple for someone who is new to vaping. 

 Our range of flavours include Blackberry,  apple,  tobacco and menthol.   these are popular flavours and something that newbie vapours would be able to wrap their head around. 

I believe that the vaping industry today has become overly complicated with too much selection and this over complication is resulting in people not taking vaping up as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. 

Opening an Overseas Company

The first challenge was to incorporate a business outside of Australia. Because it is illegal to sell nicotine within Australia it was necessary to open a business overseas and have an warehousing facility outside of Australia.  so although I live in Australia the business as an entity has nothing to do with Australia.  

 Opening an overseas company is difficult and it requires shareholders to be resident within the country that the business is to be Incorporated.